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Here’s a list of the close readings I’ve done: either short looks at one passage, or longer deep-dives, alphabetical by author. Search for an old favorite, or discover a new-to-you book!

Bautista, Brigitte. You, Me, U.S.

Chant, Austin. Coffee Boy.

Charles, KJ. Band Sinister.

Clayborn, Kate. Love at First.

Clayborn, Kate. Luck of the Draw.

Daria, Alexis. You Had Me at Hola.

Glenn Gray, Aster. Briarley.

Grant, Cecilia. A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong.

Grant, Cecilia. A Lady Awakened.

Hall, Alexis. For Real.

Hall, Alexis. Glitterland.

Hibbert, Talia. Act Your Age, Eve Brown.

Jackson, Katrina. Layover.

Jenkins, Beverly. Tempest.

Kinsale, Laura. Flowers from the Storm.

Kinsale, Laura. For My Lady’s Heart. (Part 2)

Kelly, Anita. Our Favorite Songs.

Knox, Ruthie. Big Boy.

Lin, Jeannie. My Fair Concubine.

Milan, Courtney. The Governess Affair.

Parker, Lucy. Headliners.

Peckham, Scarlett. The Lord I Left. (Part 2)

Reid, Rachel. Heated Rivalry.

Rogers, Morgan. Honey Girl.

Sebastian, Cat. A Duke in Disguise.

Sebastian, Cat. The Soldier’s Scoundrel.

Soto, Ada Maria. His Quiet Agent.

Thomas, Llinos Cathryn. A Duet for Invisible Strings.

Thomas, Sherry. The Luckiest Lady in London.

Waite, Olivia. A Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics.

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He’s Come Undone Anthology.

Paratexts, Part I (Back covers)

Paratexts, Part II (Dedications)

Paratexts, Part III (Twitter promo)