In other words, I love you

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Over on Twitter, I made a little Valentines-day-adjacent list of my favorite ways that romance characters have expressed romantic love without saying “I love you.” For the sake of having them all in one place (and for the buy links, because I highly recommend every last one of these books), here they are, all in one place 🙂

Olivia Dade, Desire and the Deep Blue Sea
Alexis Hall, How to Blow it With a Billionaire
Talia Hibbert, That Kind of Guy
Alisha Rai, Wrong to Need You
Ainslie Paton, The Mysterious Stranger
Olivia Waite, The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics
Lucy Parker, The Austen Playbook
Roan Parrish, Small Change
Therese Beharrie, One Day to Fall
Kate Clayborn, Love Lettering

Happy reading!!!

3 thoughts on “In other words, I love you

  1. For my money, Will’s declaration in KJ Charles’s “Subtle Blood” is the all-time winner: “What it comes down to is … I don’t like it when you aren’t there. It pisses me off; I think it always will. Don’t piss me off?”


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